Monday, October 6, 2008

Green Salad with Yogurt Dressing

D became obsessed with yogurt dressing after visiting Bavaria. Decided to experiment and found that Pequea Valley holds up very well and does not become watery. A lot of recipes call for lemon juice, but red wine vinegar makes the dressing more savory. The best part is, you can "drown" the salad in dressing for picky eaters.

Local Ingredients
Pequea Valley Farms Whole Plain Yogurt (do not use non-fat or low-fat)
Peppers from Red Earth Farm
Tomato from Fahnestock (last of the season)
Greens from Rineer Family Farm

Per person: mix 2-4 T yogurt with 1/2 T red wine vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. Pile greens, tomatoes, and peppers onto a plate and spoon dressing on top. Enjoy!

Of course, you could add cucumbers, corn, onions, cooked potatoes, herbs, green beans, apples, or anything else you like.

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