Sunday, December 7, 2008

Restaurant Review: Root (Now CLOSED)


Root is one of the newest Restaurants in Philly to dedicate itself to the art of local, low-processed food. The decor is minimalist in a very good way, the owner-chef-waiter is friendly and the atmosphere is casual yet elegant.

Many of the ingredients were not available, which is unfortunately one of the issues with serving local food. While it was not a big deal in our case and we managed to find an appetizer, two entrees, and two desserts that were delightful, we were a little disappointed that some of the things that interested us were unavailable. My suggestion would be to change the menu daily or weekly and just print menus on plain white paper, no frills, and no disappointments.

The polenta topped with mushrooms and a poached egg was delicious, beautiful presented, and a great start to a meal. We then preceded to try the monk fish and the pan seared black bass. The mole sauce for the fish was unbelievable as was the spaghetti squash, though the fish itself was only so-so. The bass was crisp and delectable, served with perfectly cooked potatoes, roasted artichoke, and cockles.

Portion sizes are realistic: not huge, not too small, but appropriate (which is rare in restaurants these days and one of the complaints about this restaurant).

K was disappointed in the deconstructed cheesecake because it did not taste like cheesecake (it is actually much more like panna cotta, and in that light it was perfect). The creme brulee trio was a surprise - the ibarra chocolate one ended up being the highlight of the evening.

Am looking forward to going back and hoping they have pumpkin ravioli this time!

Note: NOT vegetarian or vegan friendly. Wheelchair accessible.