Saturday, May 3, 2008

Green Salad

Just posting this to extol the virtues of fresh lettuce in springtime!

Local Ingredients
Green and Red Leaf Lettuces from Rineer Farms

Local and/or regional vinegars and oils are tough to find. I settle for buying from local merchants (meaning that at least the money flows back into the region).

1 T Trianna Organic Olive Oil bought from Joe's Coffee Bar
1 t Martin Pouret Vin Rouge Vinaigre d'Orleans bought from Claudio's
pinch of sea salt

Wash lettuces by hand and dry in a cloth towel (spinners tend to bruise these delicate leaves). Mix together dressing ingredients and toss with lettuce. Top with fruit, roasted red pepper, steamed asparagus or toppings of choice.

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